2) Specification:  

ItemSoda Ash DenseSoda Ash Light
Na2CO3 %99.2min99.2min
NaCl %0.7max0.7max
Iron Content %0.0035max0.0035max
Water insoluble %0.03max0.03max
Bulk density g/ml0.90 min0.5-0.6
Particle size(180um sieving residue %)70.0min

3) Application:

1. Glass : the glass industry is a large consumer sector of soda ash.soda consumption per ton of glass is 0.2T.

2. Detergent : It is used as detergent in wool rinsing,medicine and tanning.

3. Printing and dyeing : printing and dyeing industry is used as a water softener.

4. Buffer :as buffering agent,neutralize and dough improver,it can be used for pastry and noodle food,and can be used appropriately according to production needs.

4) Package:

 50kg kraft paper bags lined with PP-woven bags or 1000kg/jumbo bag

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