2) Specification:  

AppearanceColorless or white crystals or powder, odorless and tastes sour.
Assay (%)99.5-100.5
Light Transmittance (%)≥ 96.0
Moisture (%)≤ 0.5
Readily Carbonisablle Substance≤ 1.0
Sulphated Ash (%)≤ 0.05
Chloride (%≤ 0.005
Sulphate (%)≤ 0.01
Oxalate (%)≤ 0.01
Calcium (%)≤ 0.02
Iron (mg/kg)≤ 5
Arsenic (mg/kg)≤ 1
Water Insoluble SubstancesFiltration time not more than 1 min;
Filter membrane basically doesn't change color;
Visual mottled particles not more than 3.
Packing 25kg/bag

3) Application:

1. Widely used in all kinds of drinks, soft drinks, wine, candy, snacks, biscuits, canned fruit juices, dairy products, also can be used as a cooking oil antioxidants. Anhydrous citric acid used in solid      drinks a lot.

2. Citric Acid is a good rock mixture, Can be used for testing the acid resistance of ceramic tile of architectural pottery reagents.

3. Citric acid and sodium citrate buffer used for flue gas desulfurization

4. Citric acid is a kind of fruit acid, can be used to accelerate the cutin renewal, commonly used in lotions, creams, shampoo, whitening, anti-aging products, acne products.

4) Package:

 25kg kraft paper bags lined with PP-woven bags

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